Inmaculada Pérez Castellanos took part in the workshop Sumando Talento about female leadership at Banco de Santander

The presentation by Inmaculada Pérez Castellanos focused on her experience as a professional, entrepreneur and mother, in an exchange “from woman to woman” in which she covered several points. She talked about his perspective on finding the traveling companion, not looking for the “perfect man” but to find “the right man”.

Meditation is something that Inmaculada discovered on a trip to India and that she has incorporated into her day to day life. “Learning to control stress and enjoy the moment makes you the best version of yourself. It makes more sense to learn to enjoy your work, and also to enjoy yourself with awareness.”

Other important aspects he covered were his perspective, how to become a protagonist, dare and raise his hand, listen with humility, learn to say no, and also yes, sharing personal anecdotes that reflect how he learned from his experience.

He closed commenting that Christopher Columbus “had a dream, he was looking for a way and he found a continent” in his experience it is very important to pursue and find that dream.