Inmaculada Pérez Castellanos took part in the X International Congress of Excellence on behalf of Madrid Luxury District

The X International Congress of Excellence held in Madrid on July 15 was attended by Inmaculada Pérez Castellanos representing the luxury space Madrid Luxury District of the capital, of which she is a founder and honorary member.

This Congress, organized by the local government of the Community of Madrid through the Madrid Excelente initiative, has brought together prestigious personalities from the institutional, economic, and business fields to analyze the subject ‘Tourism: excellence in the Community of Madrid ’.

In her speech, Inmaculada Pérez Castellanos spoke about the aim of the Madrid Luxury District association to place Madrid as “one of the great luxury destinations in the world”, and that the capital “is on par with other shopping tourism capitals like London, Paris or New York. ”

This new luxury space aims to become a focus of tourist attraction as it is a living environment. “We help develop the city’s appeal by replicating whatever happens in Madrid in our space, we vibrate with the rhythm of the city, and provide visitors with a unique area full of unforgettable experiences, not only within the shops, but simply by walking through its streets ”, Said Inmaculada. “We are committed to luxury and excellence as the main reason to visit Madrid.”

The importance of the ongoing collaboration between institutions, such as the Government of the Community of Madrid and the City Council, was also mentioned. Madrid Luxury District has organized a calendar of events for the next months, available at their website.