Close client collaboration, good use of local contacts, teamwork and good internal as well as external communication form the basis of Pérez Castellanos’ business model.  With each and every project Pérez Castellanos works collaboratively drawing on the resources of Pérez Castellanos’ team of experts in the fields of law, tax, finance, human resources and luxury brand management, together with the inspired leadership of Inmaculada Pérez Castellanos.

Step-by-step the team work out and assess the priorities, developing a sustainable relationship with each and every client in order to smooth the operation and maximise business potential and opportunities.

Our clients, our inspiration, our commitment

The extent of Pérez Castellanos involvement in start-up operations varies from being fully immersed (partnership style) to adopting a more minor yet equally significant role of mentor, consultant and/or provider of information and advice – either way we are delighted to be involved, upholding always our guarantee of helping to ensure a winning business strategy.

Pictured: Hotel Orfila garden, Madrid