Pérez Castellanos, patron of Fundación Museum Jorge Rando


Pérez Castellanos supports the Fundación Museum Jorge Rando, a non-profit organization created by this painter from Malaga in his hometown. Jorge Rando is considered a key figure of the expressionist movement. He started his foundation together with his wife with the aim of putting Malaga among the cultural capitals of Europe, and reinforce cooperation and friendship between different countries, with a focus on humanitarian values.

Museum Jorge Rando, sponsored by Málaga City Hall, shows 120 pieces by the artist, including paintings and sculptures. It also offers a varied cultural program of activities and international cooperation.

Recently the association UNESCO PRODIÁLOGO granted Museum Jorge Rando the full membership status to support the UNESCO values of dialogue, culture, integration, and peace.

Museum Jorge Rando

Manifiesto Museum Jorge Rando